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Vigilant Cover 11.19.23.png

Vigilant: Concierge, Inc. 1



I'm an off-the-books nomad working for Concierge, Inc. I move people and products, extract information, and clean house for crime syndicates up and down the West Coast. Once again, I'm partner-less, but I need someone at my back. On a trip to Seattle to pick up my new protégé, I blow the job before it's even started. Now I just have to hope I can salvage the partnership.



As the youngest son of a Concierge Director I've been spoiled and protected, but I caused trouble for the last time and now the notorious nomad is on her way here. I'll ride with her and guard her as we travel for the Network. Morgan's walls are a mile high, and she thinks I'll do my tour with her and then move on to a permanent post. She is so, so wrong.

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