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Eli   Caroline and I have been inseparable since she staggered into detention a few years ago and stole my wallet and my soul. When we aren't disturbing the peace, we work for her father at Concierge, Inc., providing services to organized crime. When Garrote stomps into our life, determined to reform us, we are smitten, but he is hiding something that could blow up our fragile new bond.

Garrote   After transferring to San Diego, I'm assigned to break open a cruel criminal enterprise, but there is a deeper, covert purpose to my work. I am challenged by the incorrigible duo, but the fallout from my deception might break us apart.

Caroline   Eli and I lured Garrote from his demons, but if we can't get past his betrayal, we will let down the victims of these bizarre crimes. The heart wants what the heart wants, but trust must be earned.

This book contains recreational drug use, explicit menage sex, and violence. Themes of unapologetic criminality and mental illness. 18+

No Mary Sues were harmed in the writing of this story.