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Mercy   Forbidding. Severe. Prickly. “Terrifying beyond all belief.” I do my job for Concierge, Inc. ruthlessly. Bloodless, non-violent interrogation is my niche. Lately, instead of car thieves and snitches, I’ve had predators in my chair. Well, except for one. He is brash, uncooperative, and the first person to mock me from my chair. He sees what no one else has. They think I feel nothing; I feel everything.

Isaac   I’ve been living on the edge too long to get caught stealing a car. When the petty, nutty owner brings me to the Auditor's “studio” I sure as hell don’t expect the cool beauty who captivates me with her stare. Her crew thinks she has ice in her veins, but I see what she conceals. She claims to feel nothing, but she will feel everything.

This book contains violence, explicit sex, and a slow to warm heroine. Themes of unapologetic criminality. 18+

No Mary Sues were harmed in the writing of this story.
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