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Ill Repute Cover 11.19.23.png
Hannah   My sister disappeared over three years ago, and most of her turned up a short time later. The parts that were missing drove my father mad. The head of a criminal syndicate, he sent me to find out who was responsible and take revenge, at all costs. I agreed and, with the help of the Concierges, I found the man I hold responsible. He may not have given the orders, but that won’t save him. For now, I’ll play his game of cat and mouse until I find out who holds his family’s throne. Then I’ll burn their castle down.

Gael   I know Hannah has layers. A Southern California college girl-turned-escort, she claims a love of designer shoes and a fine lifestyle drives her, but I know that isn’t all. When my business north of the border implodes, in no small part thanks to her friends, I make sure she’s with me when I retreat back home. I will clean my father’s house and win the heart of the syndicate princess—if she doesn’t kill me first.

This book contains violence, explicit sex, a woman with a history, and a man who needs redemption.

No Mary Sues were harmed in the writing of this story.
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