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The Sidneys. The Concierge, Inc. crew called us the Sidneys because all three of us had the most popular girl’s name from the year we were all born. We handled reception, ran errands, and performed minor shady tasks. Two of them moved on, and now it’s just me keeping this feral crew on track.


The Guardian. Nick is a security member who keeps finding excuses to come around. He’s hot for an old guy, but I don’t have room in my life for distractions. Burning the candle at both ends, I scramble to keep my truth hidden, because if I’m exposed, my friends will become my enemies.




The Company. The downtown Concierges breeze past her with their never-ending shitshow, barely noticing when there are three, then two, then one.


My Sidney. The serious girl who works behind the counter at the downtown C.I. office barely acknowledges my existence. Even though the aloof beauty shuts me down, I can’t make myself stay away.


She has a secret. Soon, I’ll have to weigh my loyalty to C.I. against my quickly growing obsession. Her truth is enough to shake the foundation of C.I. and threaten the Concierges’ comfortable chaos.


She isn’t a Sidney at all.

This book contains violence, explicit sex, and a slow to warm heroine. Themes of unapologetic criminality. 18+


No Mary Sues were harmed in the writing of this story.

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